Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yesterday, I am questioning myself, “Why me? Why this thing happens to me? Why I must be the chosen one? Why? God is not fair.”

Today, I’ve got the answer. The Lord is fair.He takes one thing from me; He gives me more than before.

If in the future, there will be more hardships that I need to face, I will never frown. Because I know, there so many out there that more pity than I am.

If in the future, there will be more hardships that I need to face, I will never cry. Because I know, my tears will make me remember more.

If in the future, more and more hardships that I need to face, always remember, I am lucky because I am still breathing right now.

If in the future, I am asking myself, why I need to live, I will hold my chest and hear the heartbeat. Look to the smiling sky. This is the reason why I need to live, to appreciate everyone around me.

I need to face this world stronger than before because I know so many people are waiting for me.

I need to say to myself, “Yaya, you can do this!” because I know nobody will say that to me.

I need to hide my pain and make myself happy because if I down, people around me will sad also. And this will give me pain.

I need to shed my tears. No more tears after this, no matter what happen.

I need to find by my own, the one named miracle. If miracle is waiting, then I need to find it.

I need to find my own sun, so that my sun will illuminate me to my path.

I need to open up my wings, so that I can fly, anywhere that I want.

I need to take just one more step, because I already see the light.

I need to go to my own path. Because I know my end is there.


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