Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Woman rights in Islam are the best. Like Syeikh Khalid Yasin said in his lecture, you should not ask non-Muslim women about how they feel of woman rights but you should ask Muslim women themselves.

Yesterday morning, I watched a show and they were discussing about woman’s rights in Islam. And one of the guests is Muslim and she really oppose things that so called no-woman-rights-in-Islam. One of her comments was a man can married up to four wives and a woman can only be married to one guy only. She even said Islam has no family planning. She said that if a man married to four women, and each wife has at least 3 children, how many children will they have as a family?(it’s kinda like maths to me..)

They also have comments on veils/hijab.They said that it is a sign of oppressions on women. A Muslim woman needs to cover all part of her body except face and two of her hands up to the wrist.

I love to watch these vids~

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