Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bizarre Stories

Happily Ever After

In a rural area,there is a young man called Black Jacob.One day,he went to take a bath near Amazon River.When he wanted to dive deeper in the river,he felt something hit his face.He opened his eyes and OMG! A big hippo was staring at him.He quickly raised up and the hippo did the same.Suprisingly,the big female hippo blinked affectionately to him.Jacob decided to take one step away.One step back,the hippo moved one step forward.'This can't be!'said Jacob.He reminded himself that he will not take bath at that river again!The hippo ran towards Jacob while talked in hippo's language,"My love,my love.I've found my love."

Jacob reached a petrol station and he found a car with no driver.So,without any doubt,he drove the car as fast as he can until the speed reach 200km/hour.Suddenly,he heard a voice from the back."Hey,dude!The nozzle is still hanging there."Jacob was panicked and thus,ignored the man at the back.

Out of the blue,the man said,"I saw you ran just now and I bet that you could be a good soccer player for my team."Jacob immediately looked at the backside mirror and he realized that the man is the famous soccer coach in this country.

So,the coach invited him to join the club.Few years later,he became a famous soccer player.During a prestige tournament,he involved in an accident which made his handsome face had a big cut and needed to do some plastic surgery.Fortunately,during the treatment,he had meet with the most beautiful woman that he ever met in this world.He proposed that woman at the hospital and they got married on the next day.

The day after their wedding,they decided to go to Hawaii or honeymoon.When they were on their way to the airport,they faced an accident which involved a bulldozer and his beloved wife died at the incident place.

After the tragic moment,he isolated himself from others.Since he promised to himself that he won't marry another woman,he decided to take a big bunny as his lie partner because his wife named Bunny Honey.From that day,that guy changed his name,from Jacob to Rabbit.


1.if there's any demand,this fic will be in novel version.
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3.sorry for the grammar mistakes.


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