Monday, September 26, 2011

the one that i love

Feeling bored one day and I decided to borrow my friend's book entitled Kembara Hamba Mencari Cahaya by Hilal Asyraf.One of the chapters told about parents and as fast as lightning,I thought my parents.

My father.

I should say that he is one of the most workaholic person I've ever met.We(my siblings and I) won't meet him on weekdays but usually we will have plans on weekends and that's how he spend most of all his time with us.

Should I say that he loves me the most?Well,of course he loves all of his children but he put EXTRA attention to me,maybe because I am the first daughter,literally and I inherit my mom's disease.Well,I think~

My mother.

If my father give his EXTRA attention to me,my mom will give her DOUBLE EXTRA attention.We share a lot of common interests.My mom is a housewife and I am really proud of it.Even though some people may label it as jobless but that jobless person teaches me a lot of meaning of life.And it was because of me and my younger brother that she decided to stop working,almost 14 years ago.

She is a great cook.Cakes,muffins,dishes.Just tell her and she will do it.(I miss her laksa!)

That's my parents.I really proud of them!
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