Friday, September 4, 2009

let me tell you

let me tell you a story,
about a school without any students,
nor any teachers..
about a playground that have been silence,
since these past few years..
about a home that shouldn't be called,
as a house..

let me tell you a story,
about a girl lost her father,
about a mother lost her baby,
about the children lost their beloved siblings,
about a child,
that doesn't have any future..
future that have been shattered to a tiny pieces,
they say that it is just a dream..

let me tell you a story,
about the stone versus the tank,
about the weapons versus bare-handed,
about the girl fighting the big boy,
the coward boy..
about the citizens fighting with all their might,
while their oppenent hiding behing the big tank.

this is a story,
creating by those are,
why must killng in spite to get independence?
why must afraid of your own shadow?
why must keep the secret?
kill all the arabs.
that's what you say..
Don't you remember about Moses?
Don't you remember about the Pharaoh?
Messiah will come,that's a promise..
Mahdi will come,that's a promise..
no matter what you do,

La Tahzan Innallahha Ma'ana


Copyright 2009 (>.<)