Monday, July 18, 2011


Recently,I learned how to spell "beautiful".Yup,a original single song by Megan Nicole.First time I heard it,heart throbbing!Wondering what the title of the song.But then,when I heard the chorus,I knew the title right away!

As I hear this song all long day through my MP,there's only one thing that keep playing in my mind.A story that I read long ago,through internet.About a blind man and a girl that has scar on her face.Few of friends already knew this,I always tell them about this sad story.Well,that girl take care of that man.And that man always imagined that this girl was like a princess,beautiful and kind of like,nearly prefect.But then that guy dumped that girl just because the scar that she has on her face.But surely that story has happy ending.I won't read it if it has sad ending~

Well,I just want to say that no matter how small,big,ugly,beautiful,tall,short,cute,mature or what ever things that people described you,the most important thing is to has a b-e-a-utiful heart.People may judge you through your outer appearance but I believe,there will be a person that love you because of your heart.

'Beautiful is subjective.'-Mat Lutfi

'Having a good body doesn't promise that you have a good mind.'-My sis.


azni_1405 said...

tau sudah cerita i2..

Nur Izati said...

btw; nearly perfect rite? =)


like it byk2 la awk !

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