Saturday, April 23, 2011

my mom said

Usually,Simon said.
But this time,it's my mom said.

This week is a totally disastrous week ever,exam week.And there are four of us,including our cousin from UiTM will face this tremendous disaster.These four chosen people,they stay up till sometime,3 am in the morning.Most worst,no sleep at all for a day.

Then,suddenly,my mom said,"Cha bawak-bawak berucap sikit masa baca buku tu.Hampa pi la jalan-jalan jugak.Nek tension dah tengok hampa ni."

In my mind,ottoke?What should I do?

As if answering to my question,my mom said,"Pi la Sedim."Kekeke..The most awaited answer!

After that,yush!Lata Sedim,here we go!All the chosen people then went to Lata Sedim,enthusiastically.

Arrived at Lata sedim,we went and tried Tree Top Walk.It is the longest canopy walk in the world,950m long.It is quite high,20m from the forest land.The Tree Top Walk is quite interesting because can touch part of trees where you can't touch it if you are on the ground.I am quite excited because it has been such a long time since I've been with nature for this close.I also learnt lot of things.Such as,Kulim is actually a name of tree that has smell like a garlic.Well,I never knew this before.

This was taken from the canopy walk,10m height from the forest land.

Kulim tree~

18m height from the forest land.

After that,we went and jumped,ate,swam,drunk at the river.It is soooooo cold!Extraordinary cold!

From this trip,I also learn.I learn things that won't be teach in the classroom.We need to preserve our mother nature.We also need to learn from nature,give and take.We need to give but it doesn't mean we don't have to take what is ours,such as our Palestine.

It's great having fun sometimes but there is a lot more exciting activities awaiting for me after exam.Need to give the best for the exam,then I will have my reward.

Oh yeah,IB also is awating for me.My bro had promise that he will take me to watch teater Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa,someday in May.Kekeke..


mar mp 86's said...

wah! best3! yeah.

u should give ur body rest for a while~ it doesn't mean anything if your body is so weak during the exam.
get fresh air ya!

love yaya! :)

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