Sunday, October 11, 2009

never ending wonderful story

bismillah..lafaz kalamullah hari ni diiringi dengan tangisan dihati sebenarnya..baru je habis syafawi* tadi..hu2..sedey..nangis2 dah sebab tak boley buat yang the best..pape pown,like my mom said,let bygone be bygone..there's no use crying over the spilt milk..i am looking forward to the next syafawi this wednesday..pray for my success..macam miley cyrus cakap,nobody's perfect kan?

great things happen in our daily life and of course we have to pass through of life without any compliment because it is already written in our fate..

today,knowing ust ridhwan..hak3..for the first time as the interviewee,not a little bit nervous but there are HUGE nervous..but,later on,i started to feel comfortable with him and i told few of my life stories..

gotta go now..till we meet again..



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